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the world. [ siren ] >> that is all the time we have left tonight. thank you for being with us. we will see you back here on monday night. have a great night. i'm julie banderas. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. toppling the news this hour, just days after ending official combat operations in iraq, american forces repelling a broad daylight attack. expectation of american forces and can we turn the page and combat in iraq? >> chairman of dnc speaking out democrats trying to distance themselves against speaker pelosi. he says it jeopardizes the entire party. >> gregg: prosecutors of 17 states putting pressure on craigslist to drop the erotic
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services section and free speech advocates is fighting back. >> julie: midterm elections are drawing near and many polls show democrats stumbling to the finish line. when it comes to politics, two months can be a very long time. so both democrats and republicans are courting public opinion hard in the leadup to november. steve is live in washington with more. >> reporter: couple of polls not looking too great for democrats. let's take a look at the generic poll, republicans lead by 51% to 41% among registered voters in the weekly tracking of congressional voting. this ten-point lead is the largest so far this year and the largest in gallup's history in tracking. and how enthusiastic black
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voters and white voters are going in the midterm election come piardz to two years ago. in 2008, gallup says more than 80% of both groups black and white were ep giving the white house giving quite a lot or some thought. but 42% of whites and 25% of blacks are thinking about the midterm elections. democrats taking a sober look at their chances in the midterm. man who engineered president obama's successful bid to the white house acknowledged today that democrats are facing a difficult challenge. >> when you have a tough economy and you are in power you are going to have a tough political climate. we won so many elections in 2006 and 2008, it was clear we're going to give some of that back. >> reporter: plus democrats need to get more fired up about the election and he said the gop is the party that got us into this economic situation it makes no sense a, he says, to give them
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more power at this point because the white house is on the right track but republicans got us so deep into a hole it going to take some time to dig us back out. >> julie: steve, thank you very much. >> gregg: a key piece of evidence in the investigation of the gulf oil disaster is now on dry land. bp engineers taking 30 hours to haul the preventer to the surface. now, the f.b.i. is delivering it to a nasa facility for analysis. that 300 ton cap is critical to determining what led to the largest oil spill in america's history. device failed to seal the bp pipeline after the deepwater horizon rig exploded more than four months ago. >> julie: develop a fleet of oil absorbing robots to clean up the sea water. it's called the sea swarm, solar powered skimmers, six feet by
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seven feet. the robots apparently separate oil from water as they move through the ocean. unfortunately these robots won't be ready in time to help in the gulf clean cleanup. they want to use minutes in case of a future spill,. taking stock on the damage left in the wake of hurricane earl, business owners along north carolina coastline say its serious economic one. mandatory evacuations forced an estimated 20,000 people to leave the outer banks. one restaurant owner says the storm chased away as much as 25% of her expected customers. that is tough news on a traditionally business labor day weekend. >> julie: moderate democrats facing tough re-election battles trying to distance themselves, releasing ads saying they work for the people, not house
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speaker nancy pelosi. democratic national committee chairman tim kaine says that is a big mistake? >> i think if you run away from who you are, that you are democrat and proud to be a democrat, it's foolish. the reason is foolish you have a lot to be proud of. >> julie: joining us now is matt lure west conservative columnist and carolyn houseman a professor. you know, basically democrats are trying so hard to keep their feet that they are turning on their own party. you can say the republicans did this in 2006 big difference democrats are trying to hold on to their seats and republicans are trying to take the seats away. how do you campaign as a candidate and try to convince the american people that you are not harry reid or nancy pelosi.
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remember, presidential election is couple years away, won't people remember? >> number one goal of any party is to get re-elected. i wouldn't be surprised nancy pelosi told her party that it makes very good sense. when you are down you go after people in party that are drag you down. in two years the economy will be rebounded and it will be different scene. so i think it's a good idea for democrats to go out there speaker pelosi and president obama at this time. >> julie: to hold on to slim majorities, will they have difficulty building a consensus on any legislation in the coming term? >> look, i think that most likely what is going the happen republicans will win the house of representatives. i think the real battle is going to be over the senate. my guess is that democrats will hold on to the senate narrowly.
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i think what is it going to to happen you're going to have a situation where president obama has a difficult time advancing his agenda. frankly, i don't think it's such a bad thing. in fact, it might be good for obama and for his re-election but more importantly, divided government has really worked. if you look at the successful administrations in modern history, ronald reagan, bill clinton, pretty good days by and large when you have newt gingrich and clinton balancing the budget. yeah, i do think the era of passing things like health care which is getting less popular by the day, those are over. >> julie: you are saying it's okay to throw democrats under the bus. when has a democrat has gone too far? what do you think of bobby wright's comments yesterday when he was asked whether he planned
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to vote for pelosi as speaker. he went as far to joke he might get sick and die, not be able to seek a post again. i was quite shocked to hear those comments. he occupies a seat in alabama and he selling out to his conservative district -- i can't imagine that is not going too far? >> i do think it's going too far. i think that was for an uncalled remark. he needs to apologize. but in general this notion of going after speaker pelosi and president obama, it's not going to affect legislation. democrats are going to kiss and make up. republicans do it when they are similar position. you do what you need to do and then when you get together, it doesn't have that effect. i would agree with the other panelist, indeed, that this
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means the area of passing these sweeping policies that is over. i agree with the other panelist the house will go to the republicans. senate will probably not. this is really going to benefit the democrats because the economic depression mass run so long republicans will have to take some credit for this. >> julie: would you agree this is going benefit the democrats. when you are hearing comments like that, when hillary clinton was running for president and she is working for the obama administration, i never forgot all the jabs she made at president obama and inexperience when it came to foreign policy. i don't know how an american voter can forget? >> most americans really don't pay that close attention. i wish they paid more attention. look, i think to continue this trend that your other panelist is right that people won't
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remember it. these democrats would be smart to run against pelosi and run against obama and reid. i'm surprised that tim kaine is saying that on fox news sunday. now there is a situation when democrats like stephanie in south dakota, when they do run against pelosi, now reporters say didn't the chairman advise you not to do that. i think he might have been off message, but the bottom line, if i was advising democrats i would say do three things, localize the election. number two, run against obama and pelosi, distance yourself from them. number three, go negative, attack the republican. you are not going to win because people like you. you are going to win because people are afraid of the republicans. >> julie: all right. we appreciate it. with harry reid in the fight of his career. we're going to have scott ration
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must seven, bringing us the latest on polling in with sharron angle. >> deadly violence in baghdad, less than a week after washington declared an end to combat operations there. homicide gunman, 12 people killed. dozens more wounded. attack taking place in broad daylight at a military base targeted by homicide bomber just last month. now more from our baghdad bureau. >> reporter: days after president obama announced the official end to the combat mission, al-qaeda has issued a bloody statement. it was audacious attack. five suicide bombers attacked. smoke could be seen following a massive boom when a suicide bomber detonated a bomb aboard a
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mini business. two gunmen attempted to storm the compound but held off by military defenses. the attackers were shot before they could get close. two other assailants was at the rear of the base not before being wounded. three weeks ago a man was killed and hundreds more injured in a suicide bombing. in many ways, it doesn't come as a surprise that nouri al-maliki issued a statement that the country should be on national alert following intel alert. it turned out that citizens were not under attack but the military themselves. politician are still squabbling over the formation of a new government. they feel that a political
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vacuum could create more safety problems. >> exotic loans are blamed for foreclosures. but people are getting their homes with a new exotic loan. it's called affordable advantage. it on allows families to buy homes with a grant covering closing costs and insurance, they are 30-year fixed mortgages with mandatory homeowner counseling. buyer must live in and put up $1,000. right now four states currently offer the loans. >> the rate of foreclosure is so high in the state of florida they are now setting up a special court just to deal with it. the state routinely sets new records for foreclosures in the second quarter alone, 20% of the mortgages were delinquent or in foreclosure and that is national high. florida law requires that banks
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argue their cases before a judge if they want to recover property from borrowers in default. 470,000 cases were pending at the end of july. after a sluggish summer they are watching wall street for a fall fixer. on friday, stocks bouncing back from the lowest level in eight weeks. take a look at this. as you can see the last six months, the dow is up only slightly. here is what president obama said about the jobless numbers that came out friday morning and what he thinks about the state of the economy. >> the month i took office we were losing 750,000 jobs a month. new figures show this morning shows the economy produced 67,000 private sector jobs in august. eighth consecutive month of private job growth. additionally the numbers for july were revised upwards to
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107,000. that is positive news. it on reflects the steps we've taken to break the back of this recession. >> gregg: joining me to talk about it business correspondent, brenda butner. the president seems to be focusing on a sliver of the picture but the overall picture is detailed by the unemployment numbers which rose to 9.6% and the underemployed. that is staggering 18.6%. the president remarks, this is positive. we're doing okay. do the statistics, the sheer numbers belie that optimism? >> you are very smart because you do look at the underemployment number, the number of people that would like to be working full time and not part time and very high number.
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it's been up there for quite some time. there is something positive about the fact we went from 9.35 to 9.6% unemployment, that is finally some people are saying, you know what, i'm actually going to start looking for a job again. what happens is these statistics can be very confusing, but if more people jump into the job market, sometimes the unemployment rate can go higher. you are right. look 15 million people are still unemployed. it's been six -- 16 straight months we've been above 9% unemployment. the president promised if we use the stimulus money we would not go above 8%. we've been above 9% for the longest time in more than a quarter century. it's very troubling parts of this unemployment report.
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>> gregg: this is the third negative monthly report in a row. all but a hundred billion dollars of the massive trillion dollar stimulus has already been spent. does that in ways confirm the accumulating evidence that government spending has failed in its promise to stimulate private job growth? >> you can look at history. when has government spending really stimulated employment on a long term basis? it hasn't. we had world war ii, that is what took us out of the depression. other than that, tax cuts have helped, but tax hikes, government spending, the whole keynesian way of thinking. >> gregg: i'll quote him here. he said the economy is expanding
4:18 pm
i checked the figures. in fact the economy has declined and desell rated based on gdp, it's down to 1.6. does it make you wonder, what is the president relying when he makes a comment like that? >> again, great research, gregg. the only thing i can think of gdp is broadest measure of the economy. it is basically fancy economist speech of what we produce. it is going down. it hasn't -- we're in a recession for two straight quarters you go into the negative. we haven't seen that. i don't know. i'm trying to get into the mind set of the white house here. maybe that means, you know, we're not in a double dip recession. maybe that means things are not
4:19 pm
as bad. >> gregg: it's not negative gdp but desell rated. good to see you. >> julie: caught on tape a woman man handled in a jail cell. what the police officer says is behind the action, wow -- what is it going to happen to him. >> gregg: and the future of america, the electric car, how likely is it to replace fossil fuels. general motors may have the answers. [ lisa ] my nams lisa, and i smoked for 29 years. the one thing about smoking -- is it dominates your life, and it dominated mine. i honestly loved smoking,
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>> gregg: you're going to want to see this a police officer caught tape brutalize brutalize ago woman. she drags her across the floor and woman hitting her head and cutting her eye. he was found guilty. the woman was arrested after she was found sleeping in a car and refused a breathalyzer test. >> julie: my goodness. that is just -- horrible. that is disgusting. this didn't happen in the united states, you just never know. >> gregg: they have a different standard use of force but any common sense means, i don't think that was right. >> julie: preparing to roll out what they hope to be the next big thing in the car industry,
4:24 pm
they call it the volt, the powered hybrid. will it electrify the interest of consumers? now more from detroit. >> gm promised an electric car that could charge its own battery and keep on driving. took a turn in bankruptcy track and delivered the chevy volt. 10,000 are hitting dealerships. >> it was developed before the bailout but if the government hadn't stepped in, it wouldn't be happening now. >> the government stepped in with your tax dollars. gm got bailout money. $14 billion loan to retool general motors plant, even the korean company that displayed the battery got $150 million from the taxpayers. >> the space shuttle is limited production but space shuttle has
4:25 pm
done amazing things for other industries. fostering interest in engineering. >> it is the first mass production electric powered hybrid. you can plug it in and drive 40 miles on the battery. gags engine kicks in only to create electricity. that will get you another 300 miles before you need to gas up. you can drive unlimited distance in an electric car but it costs at least $41,000. >> the volt is powered by a massive six foot long lithium battery that runs the center of the car. because hf that battery you don't have a bench seat in back or space for one more passenger. >> it's closest competition is $8,000 less and it can drive hundred miles on a charge but doesn't have the engine to recharge. after hundred miles you need to stop and plug in. the gasoline poweredgive lewt of the volt, chevy cruise costs
4:26 pm
less than half, $17,000. with all the tax dollars that kept gmhgm alive they are banking on this. people lining up and spending extra just to be the first to get the latest technology and wrap themselves up in green at the same time. >> it was general motors intent to be technology leaders again and the chevy volt is just that. >> gregg: millions of people use craigslist to buy and sell goods of all kinds but federal authorities now say it's also promoting crime. more on what the feds are charging and the battle of what they are saying violates free speech, next. >> and this is outdoors, this is just outside the fox news world headquarters on sixth avenue. it is brazil day, 2010, that is one big party.
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i would say that is almost the size of julie's wedding party, maybe a little smaller. >> julie: there were a lot of people there. this is right outside our headquarters. [ woman ] alright, so this tylenol 8 hour lasts 8 hours. but aleve can last 12 hours. and aleve was proven to work better on pain than tylenol 8 hour. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? good, how are you? [ male announcer ] aleve. proven better on pain.
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>> gregg: time for the top of the news, american troops repelling an attack by a group of heavily armed militants in baghdad after the u.s. totally ended combat operations in iraq. >> julie: boston police arresting three suspects in the murder of a pizza deliveryman. they say the trio lured the 58-year-old victim to an empty apartment and ambushed him, allegedly stabbing him to death. suspect making off with about hundred dollars. >> gregg: one person killed this afternoon after a small plane crashes at an air show in germany. pilot apparently lot control and plummeted into the crowd. >> julie: craigslist is shaping up its act. they are shutting down the adult services sections under state pressure from attorney generals. peter why did craigslist suspend
4:32 pm
the adult services link? >> craigslist hasn't said yet but it comes after a week after several state attorney generals said the website isn't doing enough from people buying ads selling sex. less than a month after the suicide of a craigslist killer, he met his victims in the adult services section which was at the time known as erotic services. in recent years there has been a lot pressure to clean up their act to clean up prostitution. the courts have ruled over and over that sites like this aren't responsible for posts made by users but in response, blog, they hired lawyers to personally inspect each and every ad on the adult services page and following standards they say are stricter than the yellow pages, they rejected over 700,000 ads they thought were inappropriate but that was obviously not
4:33 pm
enough. >> julie: i guess today the adult services link has been replaced with a black box? >> yeah, where it used to be a black box lower case lettering saying censored. they fear the internet is so hard to control that people wishing to engage in prostitution is going to take their business elsewhere. >> there is clearly distinct danger that other sites will be sources of these ads. they had migrate there. we will continue this battle. >> reporter: it's interesting to know that the cook county sheriff's department of the 3500 prostitution arrests one-third is connected to craigslist. >> have all the listings been removed? the immigration killer, obviously they weren't selling massage and selling their bodies. have all these ads been removed? >> the entire adult services
4:34 pm
page you can't click on the link around will we don't see anything considered selling sex for money but we found a nude handyman and work in exchange for sensual massage. what some people think is inappropriate content. >> julie: all right, peter, thank you very much. >> gregg: no relief for storm ravaged victims in southeast australia, floodwaters continue to rise. some towns have been swept by the fast moving waters and there is growing concern that rivers will wash away neighboring homes. downpours triggering landslides, fortunately residents have been moved from the hardest hit areas and the army is now on standby to assist with more evacuations. despite the widespread devastation, only one injury has been reported so far. >> torrential rains triggering mudslides in guatemala killing at least 36 people. that number expected to grow.
4:35 pm
a tropical depression sitting over the area is being blamed. the water washing away parts of a highway causing a number of accidents. first slide partially burying a bus under tons of mud. hours later a second slide trapping more victims taking the lives of some of the rescuers trying to help. according to officials, dozens of people are still missing or buried alive. >> gregg: a battle shaping up just ahead of the november midterm elections. let's take a look at this. here is how rasmussen projected the upcoming senate elections and here is this week's predictions. >> julie: alaska is leaning gop. independent pollster scott rasmussen joins us now. let's move to the alaska senate, it's interesting because sarah palin is backing the republican
4:36 pm
contender there. that is helping. >> it was a huge shock in the primary that he won it all. there wasn't a lot of polling done ahead of time. first poll afterwards, got six-point lead. miller getting 79% of republicans, trailing a little bit on other voters. this is bit of good news for democrats but in a year when a tough year for democrats all across the board it will be uphill battle this alaska. >> gregg: let's move to nevada, harry reid is in jeopardy here. >> latest numbers, had a% for reid, had a% for angle it was tied two weeks ago at 47%. right after the primary, harry reid was trailing by 11 points. he had been gaining ground every single week until this poll. it's first time he pulled back.
4:37 pm
neither candidate very popular, 38% have an unfavorable opinion of sharron angle. >> let's talk about the gap of people, americans they call themselves republicans those that consider democrats? >> that gap is as small in the last five years, 35% say the democrats, 33.8% say they are republicans. over the last several years we've seen a decline in the number of democrats. people said in 2008 they were part of the democratic party they are claiming to be unaffiliated. number of democrats lowest we have seen in eight years of monthly tracking. >> gregg: it was just a couple weeks ago that republicans had a pretty substantial lead in a generic congressional ballot. what about now? >> right now, republicans are up by six. couple weeks ago they had a 12-point edge but it's been
4:38 pm
holding in range from 6-8% advantage. this is huge turnaround from the summer of 2008. democrats were typically up 7 or 58 points. obama took office they were up 7 points. for republicans to be head it's a good place to be on labor day, it suggests that the republicans are going to make huge gains. we're hearing this from all kinds of commentators. they would probably gain control of house if the elections were held today. >> gregg: in the senate, what, one or two advantage by democrats? >> yeah. right now it looks like the republicans would probably take up seven to eight seats. it's a place where the democrats still have control. key to watch, three states that none of us expected to be in play, russ feingold in wisconsin patty murray and barbara boxer, if republicans could pull upsets in those three they would gain control. >> gregg: fascinating stuff.
4:39 pm
thanks for the latest numbers. >> julie: it is done, professional sports in the united states but at the roman coliseum, they are seeking corporate sponsorship for the most famous tourist attraction. it's in major need of restoration and in exchange, italy is offering various advertising rights on tickets and posters. proposals are being accepted through october. estimated cost for current repairs, a bargain, $32 million, well worth the money. >> gregg: speaking of money, tough economic times, more and more americans are cutting back on health care spending. how you can tell if your family is covered in a medical emergency coming up next.
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>> gregg: costume clad and sci-fi fanatics descending on atlanta. taking part in 24th annual dragon. fantasy gaming, comics, pop art and more. many attendees dressing as their favorite characters and sci-fi heroes, my favorite the villain. annual parade and costume contest and award banquet. >> julie: that is so weird. spider-man. i've never seen spider-man
4:44 pm
wearing --. >> gregg: cowboy hat. >> julie: if you or someone why family have recently been ill you know the cost of health care is in critical condition. the problem is only getting worse at companies as they continue to cut back on their contributions to employees' health plans. take a look at these numbers. since 2000 the average overall cost of health insurance for a family plan has grown to nearly $14,000. workers share of such coverage has grown 147% of average cost of almost $4,000 in 2010. it was an average of $1600 a decade ago. so with those facts in mind, you might be wondering, are you covered in the event of a catastrophic illness? let's bring in patricia powell. how can you be sure?
4:45 pm
hundred percent sure that family members are covered like if an illness happens or check in the emergency room and then what? >> there are two things. one, you have to check your insurance coverage before you have the event. so what people should be doing, viewers should be doing, pulling out their policy. going through it. understanding what their coverage or what they are not covered for. around that time, a lot of corporations will be giving options, 157 million get insurance through corporate partner. they need to sit down and look at options very carefully. if you are stranded and you don't have insurance and you have the medical emergency. in this country, there is not a hospital anywhere in the united states that will turn you away in a medical emergency, but that is not really where you want to be. >> julie: why is spending down? >> some experts are attributing it to the recession. that is partial reason because
4:46 pm
of the discretionary medical spending like dental down hospitals are down by 1.1%. the prescription drugs are down 1.6%. i suspect it has to do with people switching over to generics, there is pressure from insurance companies from prescribing the name brand drugs. the other thing a lot more people enter the public programs during the recession. do you know the federal government or the governments throughout the united states are picking up 46% of the bill. at the beginning of the recession they picked up 42% of the medical bills of this country. federal government pushes down costs. what they do they dictate, will you pay this, you will pay this to the service. so there are actually four different prices for any service you get. price in medicaid, different price for medicare. different price for private
4:47 pm
insurance or no insurance at all. >> lower health care spending may be the fact we're in a recession as you point out it's likely that the intermediate use of government programs has pushed down costs, too. that is something you have observed because the government dictates price. is this a good argument for nationalized health care? >> people that don't understand economics think it's a good argument. its short term argument. when you control prices you cause shortages. the biggest concern, we actually might be close to a tipping price 46% of medical costs being covered by some kind of government program. what happens eventually the hospitals don't get enough to pay for their staff, particularly some hospitals will start to close. you start getting shortages. you call a doctor and you'll have to wait three months to get an appointment.
4:48 pm
it's a logical argument but it on looks like a good one. >> julie: thank you very much. >> gregg: a startling new report out claiming that iranian companies are secretly funding the taliban attacks on american troops. how it says they are funded and direct connection to the president of afghanistan's brother. ♪ [ male announcer ] at ge capital, we're out there every day with clients like jetblue --
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imagine... one scooter or power chair that could improve your mobility and your life. one medicare benefit that, with private insurance, may entitle you to pay little to nothing to own it. one company that can make it all happen... your power chair will be paid in full.
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the scooter store. hi i'm dan weston. we're experts at getting you the scooter or power chair you need. in fact, if we pre-qualify you for medicare reimbursement and medicare denies your claim, we'll give you your new power chair or scooter free. i didn't pay a penny out of pocket for my power chair. with help from the scooter store, medicare and my insurance covered it all. call the scooter store for free information today. call the number on your screen for free information. >> julie: top stars engineers hauling up 300-ton blowout preventer, now examining what they believe may have caused the gulf catastrophe. >> hundreds of flood victims in pakistan leeg their soaked homes behind, getting on trucks and buses searching for a new place to live.
4:52 pm
the united nations says flooding has left 20% their country underwater. and florida's republican senate candidate mark mario rubio. he had to cancel a debate with a democrat. he extended his condolences saying political differences take a back seat for family. >> gregg: evidence uncovered that iran is financing the taliban in afghanistan for the sole purpose of killing u.s. soldiers. joining me is lieutenant soldier, a director of communication for the center for advanced defense studies. good to see you. we've known all along that iran was supplying insurgents in iraq who were then killing american soldiers. is it any surprise therefore that they are doing the same thing in afghanistan purposely
4:53 pm
to kill u.s. soldiers? >> this is warfare and this goes back to my direct knowledge to 2003. we covered this issue in particular. we've known since 2003 the iranians have been actively engaged in funding and supporting taliban efforts. what we see here, gregg, is sinister but brilliant technique to hide within a commercial activity the banking activity of the country the funding of their efforts which is far more difficult than one would imagine to track because of the way they are doing it. >> gregg: the evidence seems to indicate that five iranian companies located in kabul, afghanistan's capital, are using their offices to covertly finance the taliban. can we and should we militarily neutralize those offices and it
4:54 pm
can done at night where the loss of life would be minimal? >> i'm a big fan of covert action. i think we need to rely on it a lot more than we have. the answer in this case becomes one, i think we have to push for the afghans to fix. the afghans are really responsible for a lot of chaos right now. you mentioned one of karzai's brothers may have a relationship with some of this going on. they have to be responsible for their own security. they've got to get their act together. if i were the iranians and wanted to cause destability, this is something i with do. >> and money apparently runs through several banks, prominent of which is the inif a must, the kabul bank which is partly owned by the president of afghanistan, hamid karzai. we have his picture here.
4:55 pm
we're supporting hamid karzai and his political corrupt regime. isn't there another way to do this? >> i think, i said several times on multiple networks including fox, we have to step away from the central government. we are hurting ourselves by so closely aligning our efforts with the central government. the people of afghanistan have scene a lot of this corruption and there was one case in kandahar where somebody tried to bribe officials and they frustrated by the fact, it may never happen and they went to the taliban. this is where we're hurting ourselves for not accepting realities for what they are. we have to get out of middle of this. we have to influence the iranians. there is no way around that. doing it through afghanistan may not be the best way to do that. >> gregg: these terrorists, taliban terrorists are getting thousand bucks for every american soldier they kill and
4:56 pm
$6,000 for every vehicle they destroy in afghanistan. arguably that is an act of war and we know they are conducting training inside iran with the help of the revolutionary guard. is it possible for the c.i.a. to covertly attack some of those iranian sites? >> it's possible, but the question becomes of will. there has been criticism of president's comments relating to iraq. some call it the throw in towel speech. i think this is where our national will has to be very clearly focused on stopping this one way or another be that through sanctions which i think is the path people have chosen, or making it clear that we are willing to use military force if necessary to stop this. the same issue here with the afghans, gregg, we have the iraqis. the country is ready the take on the full share of external, that
4:57 pm
is border security. in this case we've got a find a way to enhance the security of both borders, both the ones in iraq and afghanistan. that may be direct action. >> covert operations and maybe a direct attack in there somewhere. good to see you. >> julie: one very grueling month for 33 men trapped a mile beneath the earth's surface. why the miners in chile is angry and an update on their condition next. [ female announcer ] there's a new way to let go of some of the annoying symptoms menopause brings. introducing one a day menopause formula. the only complete multivitamin with soy isoflavones to help address hot flashes and mild mood changes. new one a day menopause formula.
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5:01 pm
bandaras, welcome back to america's news headquarters. >> gregg: senator john mccain saying he wants republicans to create another contract with america. to get the economy rolling again. and, is it a little too late? before the crucial midterm elections, a fair and balanced debate, coming up. >> julie: a major capture in the despite against drug traffickers, will the man known as la barbie, stem the violence so close to our borders. >> gregg: and a milestone for the 33 miners trapped in chile and, the space agency in charge of sending people out of this world is stepping into help. >> julie: a series of recent polls giving bad news to democrats as they try to hold both chambers on capitol hill and two months remain before the november elections, and, a lot could happen between now and them and steve centanni is live in washington. steve, exactly what are the
5:02 pm
polls showing. >> reporter: let's look at two of the more important ones, first the so-called generic poll, the gallup weekly tracking of 2010 congressional voting preferences and it shows republicans lead by 51%, to 41%, among registered voters and now, the 10 point lead is the g.o.p.'s largest so far and the largest integr gallup's history and, gallup looked at how enthusiastic black and white voters are going into the midterms versus two years ago for the presidential election, and in 2008, gal lup says more than 80% of more groups gave the race for the white house quite a lot or some thought, but, that drops dramatically this year, 42% of voters, 25% of blacks are thinking about the midterms at this point, julie. >> julie: what kind of predictions are both sides making about the outcome in november. >> democrats are take a sober look at their chances and admit there will be losses and the man
5:03 pm
who engineered president obama's successful bid for the white house, david plouffe acknowledged the democrats are facing a difficult challenge. >> when you have a tough economy and you are in power you will have a tough political climate and we won so many elections in 2006 and 2008, in a neutral electoral environment it is clear we were going to give some of that back. >> reporter: and lindsey graham of south carolina was asked if he thinks democratic control of the house is in jeopardy. >> yes, i think it -- if the election were held tomorrow it would be, there's a couple of months to go and at the end of the day i don't know what their agenda will be between now and november but what they have done in the past, no one seems to like and the health care bill is not being talked about a democrats, and the stimulus bill has been an absolute flop and i don't know what this did between now and november other than run against us. >> reporter: graham said president obama is, quote, tone deaf on terrorism issues, and, on the economy. julie? >> julie: steve centanni live in
5:04 pm
washington, thanks. >> gregg: a shaky economy is topping the president's agenda, and they are rolling out initiatives, ranging from tax credits to reducing unemployment this week, julie kirtz reports from washington. >> reporter: with the economy until in a slump and unemployment 9.6%, the president travels to the midwest this week to talk about the economy. first, milwaukee labor day and cleveland wednesday and he'll lay out his plan in more detail and, aides confirm the president will propose a permanent extension of a popular tax credit, and that is a break for business research done in the u.s., aides say it will be paid for by closing other corporate tax breaks and also, under consideration by the obama white house is an extension of hiring incentives, and a payroll tax holiday. the reaction to obama's latest proposals on fox news sunday. >> my reaction is that we always like to see death bed conversions but the fact is if
5:05 pm
we'd have done this kind of thing nearly a couple of years ago, we'd be in a lot better shape. >> it's not a death bed conversion. there were a series of tax cuts for businesses and looking at the pace of the recovery thank goodness we are not shrinking, we are going and the president will address additional steps to get us going again. >> reporter: the president proposed making the r and d tax credit permanent before in his budget plan earlier this year and there is plenty of bipartisan support for the $100 billion idea, supporters say the tax credit creates high wage american jobs. and the challenge is how to pay for it, aides say he'll ask congress to close corporate tax breaks for multinational corporations, and, oil and gas companies. gregg. >> gregg: julie kirtz in washington, thanks. >> julie: with unemployment at more than 9.5% now, would it infuriate you to learn the companies that cut the most jobs this year are paying the top executives some of the biggest salaries if you are not angry, you sure will be, it doesn't sound like a move in the right
5:06 pm
direction, does it? join me, fox senior business correspondent and the anchor of bulls & bears, brenda buttner. you know, it is pretty sick anyone the companies that cut the most jobs happened to pay their top executives an average of $12 million, a total of $598 million, in compensation, alone, for the 50 companies that laid they've most workers. >> yes, it is interesting. i mean, of course they would say that they were making the tough decisions, and they deserve the money for that, i mean, i have no problem paying ceos more money. i mean, they make very difficult decisions and it is interesting, that many ceos, especially of public companies, take zero dollars. they are only paid in stock. which, basically, you know, says that if their stock goes up, if they are able to make the
5:07 pm
decisions, that will help shareholders, they make a lot of money, so, you know, there is a lot to be said for not paying in regular old you know -- they shunts get a plain old paycheck. >> julie: why is it the huge vast difference in how much they are getting? in 2009 the median ceo pay was 263 times the average pay of u.s. workers. but, compared to the 1970s, the ceo-to-employee ratio was 30 to one and it is obvious the system is broken. what can we do to fix it. >> it is interesting. a lot of things have gone into this. basically, the board of directors should be taking much more of a heavy hand with the ceo pace a pay and they are not and a lot of them run around and play golf in the same circles, there is a lot that goes on. again, i don't think everybody should be paid the same amount. ceos deserve to be paid more,
5:08 pm
they make tough decisions and a lot of times get fired quickly. but, i think the ratios are way out of whack. >> julie: and the top five companies announcing the most layoffs for the study period were general motors, citigroup, bank of america, and look at the numbers, caterpillar, verizon and here's where you get really angry, the ceo behind verizon, in fact, got the largest compensation package of nearly $17.5 million. now, you know, if the obama administration is telling me american public we're doing all we can to get the unemployment rate up, then shouldn't the administration be putting pressure on these corporations to scale back these compensation packages so they can go and rehire the employees, because, clearly, it is evident they have the money. >> they are and i don't know that it is really the administration that needs to do it. what makes me more upset than seidenberg receiving that amount
5:09 pm
of money, look at that list, and there are a lot of those that got our money, taxpayer bailouts. and i think that ceos that, you know, are being paid by, you know, look at general motors, and bank of america, and, you know, they got a lot of our money, and, should they be spending our bucks like that. >> julie: no. i'll answer that one. >> you never mince words. i like that, jumy. >> brenda, thank you very much. >> gregg: lets less than two months until the mid electric elections an john mccain calling on his party to offer up a new economic contract with america. while calling democrats' efforts to get people back to work, and this ills a quote, just fledgling around and he wants to give americans a reason to vote for republicans and not just against democrats. >> i think, then, if we get down, to i believe, the republicans have to come up with
5:10 pm
a contract for, with, of, whatever you want to call america... >> gregg: we have a fair and balanced debate, alexander acor lyons of political network, democratic gain, and gain this is acronym and brian donahue, founder of kraft digital media and apparently doesn't have an acronym, you need to get with it, brian. let me start with you. you are at a disadvantage, the recession is two years old and, suddenly with the scant 58 days left before the election, mccain is now calling on his party to come up with a solution. goodness, isn't it just a little bit late here? shouldn't the republican leadership have done that a long time ago and doesn't the failure to do so, perhaps suggest they don't have any good answers? >> well, clearly, the american people have seen what is going on in our country, we don't need new messaging, don't need new
5:11 pm
campaign tactics -- >> gregg: mccain says you do. >> the last messaging we had was hope, barack obama campaigned on hope, and, you know what? hope is not hiring. the economy is going down the tubes, it continues to get worse, and the american people understand it. we can debate opinions here, but, the facts don't lie, you cannot debate them, the american people want change. they want a check and balance on this administration. and, on democratic control of washington. the democrats are put -- put forth a plan of larger government and larger spending and the american people have rejected it. >> gregg: they are coming up with other stuff, too, the president this week will be pitching the following: an increase and permanently extending the business research tax credit and that will help companies save money so they can add jobs and in the same breath the president wants to pay for it by ending several corporate tax breaks which will arguably cost companies money, thus depriving them of a chance to add jobs.
5:12 pm
isn't the president really neutralizing any positive impact of his own solution? >> well, gregg, they are really corporate loopholes that do things like prevent corporation from moving their headquarters and jobs overseas, but, you know, i think that the tax credit is very popular, with small businesses, there were several incarnations of it over the last couple of decades, it is an incentive to give small businesses in particular a way to be more creative and see if they can bring more people back onto the tax rolls for them and what i think is most astonishing about john mccain's statements this morning, is that you know, republicans for the last two years have been the party of "no" and to see them all of a sudden wake up and decide, two months out from an election they might want to espouse ideas is frankly almost... >> julie: i'm sure he thought you would say the party of "no" in some part of the discussion. don't you hate being
5:13 pm
predictable. >> julie: he doesn't even have ten bucks to bet... >> gregg: brian, wait, you republicans persistently argue, i hear you say it all the time, the private sector drives the economy and isn't it hypocritical for republicans to block the pending jobs bill that would provide tax breaks for small businesses and make loans more available to them? >> clearly, we are within 60 days of the election and the president comes out with new economic plan and, well -- >> gregg: that is not a new plan, the small business jobs bill, $35 billion, is not new. >> well, the president has put forth stimulus plans and said this is the summer of recovery and has been the summer of failure. we really need to put in a new administration -- >> gregg: should republicans get behind the small business bill? >> well, you know, i think these are old ideas, and i think that everything that they are putting forth within the 6 -- >> gregg: in fact, brian a lot of republicans co-authored the provisions in the small business bill.
5:14 pm
>> sure -- >> 27 days left in congress, let's have them do something positive, to help the economy. >> gregg: i'll get to you in a second. i want to -- >> sorry, gregg. >> gregg: if a lot of republicans back most of the provisions, why not pass the bill. >> sure, well, you know, i don't know the intricacies of the bill and i think if it is good for the economy, if it doesn't result in more spending and more taxing then i think it is something republicans should support. you know, i think it is a fallacy to say the republicans are a party of no. if it is good policy, if it's not more spending and more taxes, then, we should get around these good economic policies to get our economy back on track. >> gregg: alexandra, the last time unemployment was this high was the recession of 1981-82. so that is a very comparable period and comparable experience. and back then you will recall congress responded by lowering the tax rates. that triggered growth, not only in gdp, but, growth in jobs, growth in revenue. if it worked back then, would it
5:15 pm
be unwise to now allow any of the bush action cuts to expire? >> well, i think, you know, it is comparable i think politically, to say reagan lost a huge number of seats the first midterm election and went on to win by a landslide and that is a nice analogy, but, to say that the economic situation is very similar, you know, the recession of the late '70s, we saw huge amounts of inflation, something that thanks fully we do not have -- >> gregg: 10% unemployment in 1981-82. >> but i don't know tax cuts are the answer here. >> gregg: they reduced the marginal rates and you saw an increase in revenue and gdp growth and jobs growth. >> well, the president is talking about tax cuts for small businesses, which is, as we know is the leader in job growth in this country and that is how we'll get the economy back on track, extending tax cuts for the wealthiest americans, and making the bush tax cuts pearlies not the answer here, and that is something the republicans -- >> gregg: but those are folks
5:16 pm
who create jobs because small businesses file under the top marginal rate. >> well, i mean, i think you are talking about apples and oranges here and we are talking about individual tax credits and business tax credits but when we are looking at what has been done to try to get the economy back on track, it is happening as quickly as we would have liked, absolutely not. lots of americans are still struggling. but, we are seeing positive results. and i don't think that the american people -- >> gregg: positive results? >> wait, gdp declined now, decelerated for the last three quarters and how can you argue positive results, the unemployment went up to 9.6% and the unemployment is -- >> the last -- >> gregg: you think that is good. >> more people are off the payrolls than have ever been, people aren't looking for jobs any more. it has gotten that bad. >> gregg: tell the 15 million people who are unemployed, in america, that things are getting better, and, boy, you will get
5:17 pm
kicked out of the room, alexandra, thanks to both brian donahue and alexandra, have a great weekend, thanks for dropping by. you can see chris wallace's entire interview, top of the hour, fox news sunday on the fox news channel. >> julie: today marking one month since the cave-in in -- trapping 33 miners in chile and now, nasa is lending a helping hand. tomorrow, the space agency is sending a team of experts to chile. they'll give advice on how to keep the miners physically and mentally fit, until they are rescued. nasa has plenty of experience in tight quarters, people astronauts on the space station long stretches of time, they have been trapped since august 4th. >> gregg: with the midterm elections looming, democratic leaders tossing life rafts in the form of cash, a lot of it, to candidates. that could come at the expense
5:18 pm
of other candidates. a little bit of triage going on, there, politically. we'll be telling you who may be affected. >> julie: also, why an upcoming unrelated trial could benefit this 9/11 architect. potentially even giving him a "get out of jail free" card? that is just ahead. got into onf the best schools in t country! [ both screaming ] i got into one of the most expensive schools in the country! [ male announcer ] when stress gives you heartburn with headache. alka-seltz gives you relief fast. [ low male ] plop, plop. [ high male ] fizz, fizz. stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at
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>> julie: democrats performing political triage ahead of the midterm elections, "the new york times" reporting party leaders plan to redirect money from more vulnerable candidates to protect stronger ones, and will the strategy work and just who are some of the most vulnerable candidates, byron york is chief political correspondent for the washington examiner, thank you so much for coming on. all right, how will the strategy help lessen this pain and i'm talking about the democrats' pain come november? >> if it -- it will help a little bit but it is a desperate measure and they are looking at races and pre-claiming some of their candidates dead two months before the election and then, sending their money, they only have so much money and have so many endangered members they cannot fund everybody, and, so, it is a real morale killer, not only does it kill morale, those
5:23 pm
candidates who are deemed, you know, lost right now, but, there are a lot of candidates who are probably on the edge, and if things get worse, which they could, maybe their money will be cut off, too, and it is what the party has to do but it is a real morale killer for the candidates. >> julie: let's talk about the most vulnerable candidates. >> you have betsie marky in colorado and tom perriello in virginia and, you have a bunch who won office not long ago in 2006 and 2008 when democrats made the huge pick-ups because of public unhappiness with republican rule and they've picked up in a number of districts that were, basically, republican districts, districts that john mccain won in 2008. and, so, now that the political tide has turned, things are looking bad for them. >> julie: house speaker nancy pelosi issues an -- has a
5:24 pm
combined $218 million, is in the campaign accounts to help and save the majority and the party as u, only have so much money to pend and have spend and have a loevent daa lo endangered dems. >> if you look at the real clear politics charts and toss-ups, lean republican or likely republican, there are 65 democrats in seats like this, facing real races and the seats that are toss-ups and they lean democratics or likely democratic, there are four, count 'em, four, republicans who are in seats like that, and democrats have a lot more endangered seats to defend, and haven't done badly on fund-raising, this year, they've done okay on that, it is the sheer volume of endangered seats they have, that is why they are cutting back. >> julie: what if things get worse the next few weeks and will nancy pelosi cut them off, too. >> it is possible, more people could be cut off, i mean, we
5:25 pm
have seen something happening in the past few days and we see the so-called generic ballot, the "gallup poll" showed ten points in favor of republicans which is unheard of, and, so, we are in a place where it looks like a republican wave is setting up, and on the other hand, there are several weeks before the election and republicans could mess up in some way or the public could decide, wait, this is getting out of hand and they don't want that much change and, so, we don't know exactly where this is going, but if it were to get worse for democrats they would be in a dire, dire situation. >> julie: and if you are among the dozens and dozens of democrats, that are at the receiving end of this, i markets, what message does it send to you? >> well, it sends a -- the message is that a there is -- they've counted you for dead and it also, you have to remember, if some of these pull out and win, and will have a grudge against nancy pelosi and the party leadership and it is bad, all around. >> julie: the dems, obviously,
5:26 pm
wants her to go and they want her to disappear. >> well, the problem is, there are just so many seats. that, i mean, they need to -- if they lose 39 or more seats, they lose control of the house and they are trying to limit their losses to say 35 or maybe 30 or if they are really lucky to 25 seats and would be popping champagne if it were to happen and now it looks like there are a number of endangered seats, and it is way, way higher than that. >> julie: byron, i don't, thanks for talking to us. >> thank you. >> gregg: a major cue in mexico's war against the drug cartels and follows the capture of this man. who is he and why do authorities think he could lead them to some of mexico's most vicious killers. ♪
5:27 pm
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>> gregg: the sounds of brazil day, 2010, you will have a live shot outside of the fox news headquarters, i was reading that they are expecting here, right now, more than a million people
5:31 pm
in the several-block area of little brazil, on what is that, 46th street? we're at 47th and 6th avenue. looks like a few of the close personal friends of julie -- julie wanted to have over to celebrate. >> julie: hey, looks like a lot of fun and reminds me of new year's eve, it is in cecrediblew many people they can jam-pack into times square and knock on wood -- well... there will probably not be any crime, great food out there. you'll get me something to it eat, i hope. >> gregg: surely, and don't call me shirley. one week after the u.s. declares an end to combat missions en iraq, troops are fighting off an attack in baghdad, according to a u.s. spokesman person forces assisting while the iraqi army went after two terrorists who entered the military compound, and the attack killed 12 iraqis. >> julie: investigators searching for answers in the bp
5:32 pm
disaster, engineers holding the failed 300 ton -- pulling the blowout preventer from the deep water horizon rig examining what may have caused the gulf catastrophe. >> gregg: a show in southern germany crashes to the ground, one person was killed, 33 were injured. the pilot was not harmed. >> gregg: mexican leaders claiming a major victory in the ongoing war against their country's vicious drug lords, it came last week with a capture of this man, he's the accused texas born drug lord, edgar valdez via real, also moan as la barbie and authorities hope he'll want to cut a deal and lead them to his comrades and if this is so, could valdez's capture signal the end for mexico's infamous drug cartel? let's ask former chief of operations for the u.s. drug enforcement administration. michael thanks for talking to
5:33 pm
us. i'll call it for what it is, when people see that picture, that doesn't necessarily look like what most of us consider looks likes a mexican drug lord, and it tells you a lot about how difficult the war on drug trafficking is, considering, you cannot look at a man and say, yep, that person is definitely let's say mexican or an illegal mexican or parts of some sort of gang. but, how big of a break is this on the war on mexican drugs? >> well, it is a major break. and, it is a major win, frankly for the president and his administration and with that said, the president and his key security advisors and security leaders in the country have already come out and said they realize they have a long road ahead of them, before they turn the eyed but, suffice it to say, that the apprehension of edgar valdez via real is a major one for president calderon, and,
5:34 pm
certainly, a proof positive that his organizational attacks strategy or his kingpin strategy if you will is becoming effective, and, paying off big dividends. >> julie: one of the pictures we were showing of him, if we can throw up the one with him on the smug on his face, why do you make of that, looking at the smug on this guy's face, there it is and what kind of message does it send by arresting him alive? >> well, there's a very important message. that i believe goes along with this apprehension. he -- as you said, he was apprehended alive and he's behind bars now, where he belongs. and, that is a very important message, not only for the people of mexico, but for the united states. that president calderon and his key security advisors are not the least bit afraid of what this guy has to say. and with respect to that smug look on his face and the laughter that you didn't see
5:35 pm
that accompanied it, i have been in this business or was in the business 34 years, and, most of these guys that believe they are very very, tough, have a similar response when they are initially arrested, however, as the bite of justice, begins, especially in our country begins to tighten down, the vice tightens down, so many of these guys immediately are very -- or quickly decide to cooperate and basically sing. >> julie: how is his arrest going to lead to capturing other drug lords and gangs and my other concern would be, would they strike a deal with this guy, let him off, easy so they can get more drug lords behind bars because essentially the more the better, i would imagine. >> well, i mean, to answer that second part of your question, first, no, this guy is not going to get off easy. you know, he might be able to shave a little bit of time off
5:36 pm
of his sentence. >> julie: how much time, do you think. >> i believe under the three or four indictments, that are pending on him in the united states, the most recent of which was in atlanta, georgia, by the u.s. attorney's office there, i am strongly suspecting that he is looking at a minimum mandatory sentence of 30 years, upwards to life without parole and he's 37 years old, and, if he ever wants to see his family again, spend time with them in a meaningful way in his latter years there may be an opportunity for him to cooperate, but, suffice to it say, he's going to spend a long, long time in jail. now, it is quite apparent, you don't just stumble across guys like this, president calderon and his security forces systematically identified his network, arrested a number of his key lieutenants over the past few months which tells me
5:37 pm
there was cooperation, most likely, ongoing, by some of those lieutenants which led to his arrest. >> julie: before i let you know, i want to point out the fact that the possibility still does exist that as he faces punishment in mexico, he could potentially buy his way out of it? >> well, listen, he's too big of a fish, too important of a catch to -- for anyone to allow him to buy his way out. the caka calderon administratio aggressively addressing the corruption issues with just as aggressively as they are attacking the powerful drug trafficking cartels and they are getting their house in order and will get their house in order, providing we continue to apart them and they don't lose the will to fight. i don't believe they will. >> julie: let's hope not. all right, michael, thank you very much, we appreciate you coming on. >> thank you. >> gregg: a trial set to begin very soon in the 1998 bombings
5:38 pm
in east africa, and, first, the judge has to make a crucial decision on evidence in the case, and could his decision eventually end up giving a "get out of jail free" card for the 9/11 mastermind, khalid sheikh mohammed? next. hey what's going on? doing t shipping. man, it would be a lot easier if we didn't have to weigh 'em all. if thosboxes are under 70 lbs. you don't have to weigh em. with these priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service, if it fits, it ships anywhere in te country for a low flat rate.
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5:40 pm
5:41 pm
>> gregg: the trial of a suspect in the 19 u.s. embassy bombings is set to begin later this month, 224 people were killed in the attacks in kenya and tanzania but before the trial began a federal judge must rule on evidence, uncovered during cia interrogations, of the suspects. interrogations that led to a witness whom federal prosecutors wanted to put on the stand. the judge's decision in this case could potentially impact the government's case against somebody else, that is right, this guy. the 9/11 master mind, khalid sheikh mohammed. let's bring in our legal panel, fox news legal analyst, former
5:42 pm
federal prosecutor lis weihl and professor of media law, paul cowan, good to see you both. if you find out about a witness through illegal means you cannot call this witness exclusionary rule. >> and, you are right, unless that witness is so attenuated from that tree -- so far the apple has fallen so far they would have been able, the government, actually would have been able to find the witness, and then you can use the witness. or, if the witness says it is -- supreme court analysis, if the witness says look, i'll be there voluntarily and i don't care you say i want to there be -- >> gregg: irrelevant. >> the supreme court case -- >> if you convince a guy to show up though you found out about him through illegal means you think that is okay. >> as long as he testifies and says, i'll be here no matter what -- >> gregg: paul. >> the whole case, an amazing blunder by the obama administration, i mean, here they take the terror -- alleged terrorist, who, by the way consented to be tried by a military tribunal, where
5:43 pm
government evidence is admissible and he's in new york federal court and says, hey, because i didn't get my miranda rights and i was tortured, that is how you built the case against me, and they are moving to suppress and you know, he's got a strong argument, and he's got a federal judge, judge kaplan who says that, you know, he was taken to a cia black site, interrogated and maybe it will not get admitted. >> and you are talking apples and oranges here and you are talking about the defendant's testimony and that will not be admissible. >> gregg: all derivative evidence can be excluded. >> no. no. it cannot be, if it would have, a, been found out anyway, or, b, the witness -- >> gregg: here's what judge kaplan said, he said accepted the argument would be similar to assuming if somebody named joe or bob lived in the state of maine, if the government was able to find them independently... that that would -- >> that is the first prong of the test, note second and the
5:44 pm
third. >> gregg: talking about the prongs. >> that is the law, if they were going to testify, anyway, they can come in. >> it is more than that. the government has to show they would have come up with the evidence independently. >> and, he would have been -- >> gregg: five years -- >> and throw out the whole case because of that. >> gregg: and suddenly and magically, many years sense they find the guy, that doesn't pass the smell test but isn't there a larger issue, paul, isn't it exactly why you should not be trying terrorists capital toured on a battlefield in a federal courtroom. >> true and it was a colossal mistake and lis is saying, like the obama administration, let's give them the constitution-light, the diet constitution and a watered-down version. >> not at all. not at all. what i'm saying is, if you decide to try them in civilian court and i'm not saying whether it is right or wrong, give them their rights. but -- >> by then it is too late. >> but it's not --
5:45 pm
>> the rights are on the -- you don't provide counsel on the battlefie battlefield. >> the defendant's statements are excluded. >> have you ever heard of a civilian case where a suspect was held in custody for five years, tortured and has a result of the information they got from the guy, they prosecuted him? is there a case around -- >> supreme court case that's came before it, the case before the war on terror and talk about shocking the consciousness of the public -- >> five years of incarceration, 1952. >> rogue versus california. >> gregg: and the timing of it, and it -- you hacked into my computer. >> you turned off your computer. >> gregg: i knew you would hack into it. >> you were dissing me on harvard. >> gregg: it is a legendary case, you can toss the entire case out, if the government behaves in a way that is -- shocks the consciousness. >> and look at that case, it had
5:46 pm
to do with cops coming into see somebody's home and forcing somebody to take the drugs and bring them to the hospital and... >> gregg: it negates the principle. >> gregg, it is a completely different case. >> and i'll cite a better case, you know where the phrase comes from, matthew, chapter 17, from the bible. >> you cannot bring that into the courtroom. >> from the bible, if it's the fruit of the poisonous tree, it's not admissible, which is in federal court and that is why should try them in a military tribunal -- >> you cannot bring the bible into testimony. >> i have a better and more recent case, blackwater. >> blackwater -- >> gregg: let me finish, they dismissed the case against the blackwater defendants because a lot of the evidence was illegally obtained. >> and that -- >> gregg: the same thing could happen to khalid sheikh mohammed khalid. >> and, the california case is not applicable to this case. >> totally applicable. >> i invoke the bible, again -- >> you cannot bring the bible into the --
5:47 pm
>> we can't even bring religion into it. >> gregg: we all agree that a military -- a military tribunal would not face these legal obstacles. >> yes. i do agree. >> isn't that really the reason why it is unwise to try these guys in federal court. >> i agree but we're here now and you cannot throw -- >> gregg: no, we aren't, holder has not made the decision on whether to try these guys. >> the obama administration started to back off, tremendously on it and this is a test case, and boy it is blowing up in their faces. and they may get lucky with the federal judge and by the way, the judge -- they made a speedy trial dismissal motion and he has been in custody five years and the judge said, five years doesn't violate speedy trial and every motion made the government has been winning but this is a big one now and i think it will show a colossal mistake. >> gregg: final question, lis weihl, and, you -- how did you find the case, you hacked into my computer. >> how could i? you turned your computer off! >> this is utterly unfair, i
5:48 pm
don't have the advantage of even having the opportunity to hack your computer. >> i had to -- >> i had to do this on my own. >> gregg: i didn't give it to you, either, fair and balanced. paul and lis weihl. julie. >> jamie: lis wins. >> thank you, julie. >> julie: you guys are both losers! >> in many ways! >> julie: back to school season coincides with headaches and migraine season for many children and, what parents need to look out for and best ways to treat a severe headache for your trial and cowboys and cowgirls, in mexico, the world record they snagged in the process, straight ahead. [ male announcer ] the financial headlines
5:49 pm
can be unsettling. but what if therwere a different sry? of one financial company that grew stronger through the crisis. when me lost their way, this company led the way. by protecting clies and turning uncertainty into confidence. what if that story were true? it is. ♪
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5:52 pm
>> julie: ride 'em, cowboy, 69 mexican cowboys known as charros joining forces to set a world record, now the proud holders of the record for most simultaneously lassoing, do i say in the american or spanish. charros! the gathering, of them twirling the ropes nearly three minutes and easily beating the previous record of 23 participants, set in texas, last year. >> gregg: dr. manny had to help you out with that. >> yes. >> julie: and, i thought... >> gregg: show off. all right. all right. you know, it is back to school time, and nervous time for parents and kids and also means back to headaches and my grains. >> julie: and most think it is
5:53 pm
an adult condition but young children can get them well, dr. manny alvarez, member of our medical a-team and an excellent doctor, i might say. >> thank you. >> julie: no biases, a went to him when i was pregnant and we're not talking about pregnancy and you think of migraines and you think about adults, and children as young as three. >> 10%, believe it or not, people think migraines as an adult is a disease and it's not, 10% of children and 20% of teenagers and especially teenagers because you have the hormonal changes that come with being a teen and this is a big issue, for a lot of parents when the child complains of a headache, they are making excuses and the reality, this is a big health problem and many things happen when kids go back to school. number one, their sleep cycle is altered and because they have to get up early in the morning and it is important to tell your kids to get the 7-8 hours of sleep everyone tells you about and the same thing, not skipping breakfast and keeping themselves hydrated in school and things that make a lot of common sense and in reality are trigger
5:54 pm
factors when it comes to headaches, and, the same thing for the lights. you know, the fluorescent lights you see in a lot of schools are not the best things because there is a photosensitivity aspect to migraines and you have to put it together and if your child is complaining of a headache you have to see the right doctor and this is also one of the challenges that you see, for a lot of parents, because they go to a pediatrician and he or she may not be well versed in treating neurological diseases and they'll get the answer. >> gregg: should they see a specialist. >> they have to, as a matter of fact, there is a web site, my break on researchfoundation-ing or and you can go -- and they'll tell you the different centers and cities around and you can find the best specialist there and if your child complains of a hieadache, don't dismiss it. it could be the real thing and if you treat it adequately it will make a difference. >> julie: do they need to be treated differently than adults, especially a three-year-old.
5:55 pm
>> and the point is the new drugs so good for migraines and the triptans, hot ticket items for migraines are not approved for pediatric use, but if you go to the right doctor, many are utilizing the triptans off label for children. so, you have to -- >> anything you can do to prevent it. >> migraines? well, as i said, try to minimize the trigger factors, think about the things -- >> don't send your kids to school. >> no. no. ! they have to go to school. >> gregg: eat properly, and plenty of liquids... >> don't skip breakfast. >> gregg: you have a special, entitled "winning the war on cancer." >> look, this is one of the big specials that is going to happen, next sunday, at 3:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., eastern, and, basically, it is a full one hour story about how we are winning indeed the war on cancer and we have talked to top scientists around the country and you will see a lot of fascinating discoveries, so, you know, this is a special that will teach a lot of people
5:56 pm
exactly what is going on, and -- in the war of cancer and, hopefully, we'll, you know, answer a lot of question for a lot of folks. >> julie: any cancers in particular that are becoming easier to beat? it is interesting, one of the most as if fating things is that -- new treatments for melanoma, which is -- fascinating, is new treatments for melanoma which kills thousands of people in the u.s. and around the world and we talk to one top scientist here in the u.s., who has a new therapy that i think is incredible, so, a lot of exciting information, and -- >> everyone is touched by cancer, if not yourself, someone you love. this is a special worst watches, dr. manny alvarez, thank you very much. >> gregg: september 12th, 3:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., you will not want to miss it. >> julie: that is going to do it for us. >> gregg: fox news sunday with chris wallace is coming up next. >> julie: and i'll be back, 7:00 p.m. eastern for the fox report. stay with us, leave 'em with the beautiful shot.
5:57 pm
>> gregg: outdoors, brazil day. let's go party! >> julie: let's hope earl doesn't stop by! captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. ber sitting down with my boys, and i'm like, "oh, promise mommy you'll never ever pick up a cigarette." and brian looked at me at eight years old and said, "promise me you'll quit." i had to quit. ♪ my doctor gave me a prescription for chantix, a medication i could take and still smoke, while it built up in my system. [ male announcer ] chantix is a non-nicotine pill. that stays with you all day to help you quit. in studies, 44% of chantix users were quit during weeks 9 to 12 of treatment, coared to 18% on sugar pill. it's proven to reduce the urge to smoke. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. and find out how you can save money on your prescription at some people have had changes in behavior, hostility, agitation, depressed mood
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